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1970s cars wanted for filming in NW London

I received the email below from Ace Cafe today. I was going to just share their web address on twitter but it didn’t work on my mobile so I couldn’t check it out first. Anyway, good luck if you go for it. Here’s the message;

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Ace Cafe London”
Date: 12 Aug 2014 18:09
Subject: Ace Cafe News – 1970’s Cars Wanted For Film

Ace Cafe

1970’S Cars Wanted For Film


We are looking for 1970’s classic cars to take part in an exciting new TV Drama for SKY

Are you based within 50 miles of North West London?

Examples of cars we are looking for from the 70’s:
Cortinas, Allegros, Avengers and Marinas…

Filming will take place on location in North-West London throughout September and October.

We will pay a daily rate for each day your car is required, plus the cost of your petrol to and from location (max. 50 miles).

Most cars will be required on a drop off / pick up basis, giving owners the opportunity to explore London for the day!

If you are required to stay with your car and/or chosen to drive your car in a scene we will provide catering for the day.

A lucky few will get the chance to have hair, make-up and costume and take part in filming!  (This will be Director’s choice and not everyone will be chosen to appear on camera.)

If interested, or just want to find out more, contact Katie from Eleven Film on:

Mob: 07909266973
Email: katieenfieldhaunting@gmail.com

Eleven Film

www.ace-cafe-london.com or follow us on Twitter @acecafelondon

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