Some ideas are too lively to keep confined in my head, it seems. They kind of grow and mutate on their own, until I have to get them out and fix them as words on a page.

Some take ages to reach that stage. Others arrive seemingly fully-formed, jostling for position on the ride out of my grey matter via a keyboard, and ultimately in to some collection of pages.

This site is going to play host to some of those noisy, jumbled thoughts that have to be released and shared, but only after I’ve had a go at wrangling them into a marginally more coherent form.

The process of organising and scribing these mental miscreants is often slow and laborious for me, and rarely does the result match up exactly with my expectations.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this will probably be a long-running experiment, so if you think you’re patient and up for the long haul, I’m very happy to have you around and I hope you enjoy what’s here.

— Justin —