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What's in a name?

February 3, 2015 Justin 0

This is quite interesting (grabbed from Pinner Name Meaning English and North German: occupational name for a maker of pins or pegs (or alternatively, in […]

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Sorry – Just had to!

November 11, 2014 Justin 0

"Pudding" is a resident Fox at the National Fox Welfare Society, as he's too friendly to be released back to the wild — Cute […]

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Upgrade complete

April 27, 2013 Justin 0

That’s it, the upgrade is finished for now. Seems to be ok but let me know if you spot anything wrong.

Going dark for a while

April 25, 2013 Justin 0

I’m planning an upgrade this weekend so this blog may be unavailable for a while. Don’t worry – it will be back. Whether it has […]

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The best laid plans…

March 26, 2013 Justin 0

Gah. My MacBook hard drive failed yesterday. That’s going to put a dent in my plans for the Elite: Dangerous system build for a while. […]