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RT @EmmaKennedy: This needs to be played everywhere.

This week, I have been mostly playing @ShipbreakerGame

RT @Curlykidlife: If birds had arms…

RT @simonstalenhag: Security (From Labyrinten)

I have to say that I enjoyed this very much, and it’s fantastic that these stories are being brought to our attention. I bought @TheUniverse’s book and am looking forward to digging in for more of the same. Thanks so much!

RT @DataSciBae: “I hope that people will start to question this blind faith we have in technological systems,” she says. via @wwd

RT @Arley_McNeney: Two crows just saved my toddler. The toddler has always loved crows. She’ll talk to them, watch them out the window etc. She is also a runner. She’ll get an idea into her head and just start running towards traffic. Which is what she did today.

@oliviasolon Hm. I think a wearable one of these might be worthwhile 😷⚡️

RT @C64Audio: Arcade Classics, Vol. 1 has now been released. Arcade game music remixes to make you feel young again! 😀 OutRun, Space Harrier + more. Available on all good digital platforms! 🎶 #ArcadeRemix #MAME #chiptune #gameaudio #8bit #16bit #C64 #SEGA #Nintendo

And to complete the entire scene (thanks @humajehan)