Justin's adventures in spacetime

My first 3D printed things have arrived…

My 3D printed bikes have arrived:

Picture of 3D printed bikes with pound coin for scale reference
Two sizes for comparison of printing capabilities


Unfortunately the larger one didn’t survive the journey from France completely intact:

We lost a handlebar in transit
One of the handlebars had broken off in transit

I think they’re still very cool as they didn’t exist anywhere other than in my imagination until now. And holding them in Real Life is quite a strange experience.

In short, there’s no reason not to be playing with blender, tinkercad and sculpteo.


Very nice Facebook article – be afraid people!



Facebook’s Open Graph technology allows third-party websites to tell Facebook what people are doing. It extends Facebook’s Like button to include any action that the site owners think might be interesting to Facebook. Play a song and your music streaming site tells Facebook what you’ve played. Read a newspaper article and Facebook knows what you’ve read. LOL at a lolcat and your LOL gets logged for all time on your indelible activity record. Facebook calls this “frictionless sharing”, which is its euphemism for silent total surveillance. Once you’ve signed up for this (and it is optional; at least for now) you don’t need to do anything else to “share” your activity with Facebook. It’s completely automatic.

Geodome build

Last Saturday I was mostly helping to build a geodome.

It went from this:

Windows assembled, everything else tagged and ready to go










via this:

Geodome build step 2
Starting to bolt it together











Starting to add the windows










and this:

A bit more structure, a bit more height










to this:

Et voila! That's now around 3m to the roof and waiting for the canvas