A quick summary of the past 3 weeks

Went to Cornwall. Visited the Boconnoc Steam Fair (already posted a couple of pics from there). Played inflatable laser quest. Rode a not-so-merry-go-round. Played in a fun house. Bought wetsuits. Bought bodyboards. Went in the sea. Realised I’m not as light as I used to be. Had beach BBQs. Had a birthday. Visited the monkey sanctuary. Built and painted Warhammer figures. Watched DVDs. Ate too much. Drank too much. Had a great time with friends. Beach bonfire. New telly. Relocated old telly. Visited Liskeard and Cawsand. Nearly visited Looe for the second time.

Went back to work. Got stuck in to project that had been keeping me busy before I went away. Glad to say it’s still legible to me (in that I hadn’t completely forgotten it). Made my first unsupervised scala modification. Tested, built and deployed. Didn’t break it.

And so in to the weekend. Helped build a few geodesic dome panels. Hoping to be free to put the rest of it together. Enjoyed lunch and dinner. Looked for badgers. None showed up. Watched more DVDs. More experimenting with scala.

Back to work today (Monday 15th). Wasn’t it a fantastic morning? Second unsupervised scala mod checked in and deployed. Still not broken. Yay. Hoping my luck holds up.


Will add pics when I’ve prepared them so watch this space. If you’re at all interested.



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