August bank holiday weekend

The shape of my weekend went something like this…

Travel from Muswell Hill to Blaenau Ffestiniog to pick up this beauty:

1978 Bedford TK330 5.5L straight-six diesel



















Then drive her all the way back and deliver her to Surrey.

Now back in Muswell Hill – mission accomplished!


My first tilt-shift

Hmm not bad but could do better I think 🙂

– I demonstrate my individuality by not using a sig. Oh, wait…

Cat poo coffee – a first time for everything…








Ok, sounds weird I know but yesterday I tried my first taste of cat-poo coffee. No really, I’m serious.

Check out this wikipedia link if you don’t believe me:

Anyway, skepticism aside, it was really very tasty and if you get a chance to try it – don’t be put off by the concept. It’s a smooth, rich chocolatey (in a good way) coffee and well worth a taste. Mine was made with condensed milk which gave it an even sweeter flavour.

But as one of the world’s most expensive and low-yield varieties, go easy with it.

Try some if you can.