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Upgrade complete

That’s it, the upgrade is finished for now. Seems to be ok but let me know if you spot anything wrong.

Going dark for a while

I’m planning an upgrade this weekend so this blog may be unavailable for a while.

Don’t worry – it will be back. Whether it has any content afterwards though will remain to be seen.

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It was a bit dumb of me to pile a load of quite large photos on to the blog home page in the form of a post, so I’ve moved this content over to its own page which you can find here.


Death Inc. This game deserves to be made!



Download the DEMO


Some of the super-smart folks behind the likes of LittleBigPlanet, the Fable franchise, Burnout and Need For Speed have teamed up to Kickstart a brand new, comical and very stylish-looking game.

At the time of writing they’re short by a whopping £ 211,488 with just 5 days to go.

Head over to their kickstarter page for much more info and to back them if you can.