Geek Warning: Sorting algorithms as dances


This was going around at work today. It puts a whole new angle on demonstrations of how sorting algorithms work.

Clipped from: Sorting algorithms as dances:


Take one Central European folk dancing team, a small folk band and an added overlay showing array locations and get them to dance the [sorting] algorithms in time to “appropriate” folk music…

Go see the whole thing – it’s great!

Also: (Sapientia University Romania)

No. Way. (MIT's artificial leaf is ten times more efficient than the real thing (Wired UK).)

Skeptical Squirrel

This story wasn’t printed on April 1st!





MIT’s artificial leaf is ten times more efficient than the real thing (Wired UK).

Artificial photosynthesising leaf

MIT professor Daniel Nocera claims to have created an advanced solar cell which uses sunlight to split water into its two core components, oxygen and hydrogen.

With a single gallon of water, Nocera says, the chip could produce enough electricity to power a house in a developing country for an entire day. Provide every house on the planet with an artificial leaf and we could satisfy our 14 terrawatt need with just one gallon of water a day.


Old dogs and new tricks

It’s been an intense couple of weeks thus far, new names, faces, operating systems, technologies and languages to investigate. Yet strangely I’m not feeling anywhere close a grey matter meltdown situation yet. Quite the opposite really, the stream of new inputs is pretty constant and it’s great to be learning again.

For the first time in a long time, I’m enjoying going to work.