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In 2019 alone, Good Energy helped to save over one hundred and twenty two thousand tonnes of carbon emissions. Be part of the change our environment needs urgently, and if you use the following link to join, we’ll each get £50 off our bills:

I have helped to save approximately 7,843 kg in carbon emissions, simply by choosing clean energy.

That’s the same as the carbon emissions from driving 52,289 miles in a car.

The longer you’re a customer, the more you’ll be contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and renewable energy generation. And you’ll part of a growing community of like-minded consumers all helping to protect our planet. 

In 2019 we saved 122,524 tonnes of carbon together.

An average UK tree such as an oak or beech will store up to one tonne of carbon over its lifetime. 

We would need to plant over 122,000 trees to store the same amount of carbon, that we’ve all saved together in 2019. This woodland would be the same size as over 150 football pitches.

Actually while we’re talking about trees, be sure to look in on Ecologi too. You can see my own forest taking shape over here: And the beauty is that these things are not mutually exclusive. If you really want to double down on your environmental good behaviour, these are very easy ways to get started.

If you want to know how these savings were calculated, take a look at this blog.

Let’s combat climate change together For every person referred to Good Energy, both the referrer and referee each receive a £50 credit on their account.

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