Is 6:43 good?

(I didn’t know I liked jigsaw puzzles) Play the “Southcote library puzzle group” puzzle!


RT @justabadrobot: I curated a Job board with links to communities that support diversity in tech. Companies with diverse and inclusive workplaces can contact me to reach out to budding programmers. #CoderBee

RT @mashable: This art collective uses ink to turn manhole covers and tiles into bespoke printing presses

RT @doctorow: Medtronic’s 20-year-old PB840 ventilators are workhorses, but the company has used DRM to prevent repairs by third parties. Controlling repair gives medtechs monopolist two benefits: 1/

RT @mashable: Yes, even the amended version threatens the internet as we know it

@ParentTech_PR No probs. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing!

Hey RT readers, be sure to check the thread because @ParentTech_PR added a link correction for you :)

RT @higgsy137: Hey #VisibleWomen I’m Geo, a 3D Character Artist based in the UK! I currently work as an environment artist for a VR company, and as the Lead Artist @Polargryph 💖 🔥I’ll be looking for work in January 2021👀🔥 ✨ ✉️